3D printer prices for desktop and professional machines.

3D printer prices are beginning to decrease. As more enter the scene, the competition for 3D printer price vs. performance is steadily increasing. Expensive ones will offer a number of feature advantages to 3D printers at lower prices. This could include built-in webcams, automatic build plate leveling, dual extrusion, and more. Searching for discount prices on 3D printers poses a challenge for first time buyers as there are a growing number to choose from.

As a first time user, if you’re looking for 3D printer prices that fit within a reasonable budget, focus on units priced between $299 and $999. You’ll save money when purchasing an unassembled 3D printer kit – although this may not be suitable for everyone. It requires a do it yourself attitude and you’ll need to have some patience when building it. Alternatively, there are a number of fully assembled machines available now that are in this price range such as Printrbot, Pirate3D’s Buccaneer, Plastic Scribbler, Robo 3D, Solidoodle, and Up! Mini.  These units are designed with affordable pricing in mind.

For those wishing to add additional features beyond simple units, look at 3D printers priced above $1000. They’ll offer advantages such as faster performance, dedicated software, and add-on capability such as heated build plates, larger build volume, webcams, digital controllers, and more.

Remember, you don’t have look toward the most expensive machines on the market to get the capabilities you need. You’ll find a terrific synergy between quality, performance, and affordability when looking at lower priced 3D printers. In desktop 3D printing, things can go wrong whether you’re using a $2000 or a $500 one. In some cases, cheap 3D printer prices below most competitors will produce the same quality as its more expensive counterparts.

We provide consultative sales for affordable or expensive professional machines. Combined with years of experience in the industry, we understand the balance between cost and performance for 3D printers. Need help with a 3D printer price comparison? Feel free to contact us.  We can help you identify units within your budget.