3DP Binder Jetting rapid prototyping & 3D printing services


Binder Jetting rapid prototyping service is the forefather process to what we term as “3D printing” today. Binder Jetting is also known as a powder bed, inkjet powder printing, and binder jetting 3D printing. Binder jetting rapid prototyping services entail spraying a liquid binder onto a powder covered print bed in the cross sectional shape of the object. The powder is fed from a piston which ensures the powder is packed dense enough for binding. The excess material around the traced object is pushed off to the side. The process is completed layer by layer until a 3D object forms 3DP rapid prototyping services work similar to a two dimensional ink jet printer – but in this case the build platform also descends, allowing for the formation of additional layers on top of each other.

Binder Jetting 3D printing services is one of the best ways to create multi-color objects. An additional inkjet printer head will work in conjunction to the binding process to produce color. The print head will deposit color directly onto each cross-sectional layer after binding occurs.

  • What type of objects are best used for Binder Jetting prototyping services?

With binder jetting 3D printing services, there are an of powder based materials, binder materials, and color inks that can be used. 3DP prototyping services is one of the best options for full color 3D printing. Different object properties can be obtained depending on the material combination used: smooth, porous, elastic, rigid, rough, etc. This also allows you to adjust the material’s physical and chemical properties to match the print head you’re using. Binder jetting is being used for architectural construction, sculptures, statues, and other various products. In some cases, binder jetting rapid prototyping services is capable of producing low density metal parts. Binders such as sand, plaster, acrylic powder, ceramics, sugar and water have been successfully used.

  • Are there any disadvantages to 3DP prototyping?

Additional processes such as melted wax, epoxy, and adhesives may be required post-print to give the object stronger mechanical properties; especially for plaster based objects. Accuracy, surface, density, and other object characteristics ultimately depend on the type of material and process used. Binder jetting 3D printing is not the best choice for objects that are used in high strength applications.

Our 3DP Prototyping Services

Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional rapid prototyping services to suit any industry or application. Our team thrives on industry experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll offer:

  • Budget friendly service with fast turnaround times.
  • A consultative approach to creating your prototype design: service recommendations, 3D modeling, and material selection.
  • The largest network of 3DP rapid prototyping services on the west coast, with access to a diverse set of 3D rapid prototyping equipment.

How do I get started having my object 3D printed with EBM rapid prototyping services?

Feel free to contact us through our website or over the phone at 800-555-6789 for any questions. We can provide you with binder jetting prototyping service equipment using our network of 3D printing resources. We’ll leverage a diverse set of services so that your product is done with speed, accuracy, and quality.