FDM & SLA home 3D printer costs reducing



Home 3D printers will become ubiquitous as more consumers adopt them. Our company intends to serve as a central marketplace to a variety of personal and small business units for sale. This includes providing extensive support, print on demand services, and budget friendly supplies to consumers interested in home 3D printers.

The household market for 3D fabrication is going mainstream. Its growth is following an accelerated pace at a rate of 20% annually. By 2020, the market will rise by at least $5 billion dollars. Home 3D printers will entail a major portion of this estimate. This also includes supplies, services, and support revenue. It is likely that in the near future, we’ll see a unit in every house. Typical household items such as cups, gadgets, appliance parts, etc. will come be fabricated at home instead of purchased at a store. 3D fabrication at home is economically disruptive to the status quo; users now have the ability to fabricate parts or objects otherwise purchased at a store or built by an external service.

Affordable home 3D printers is also becoming more cost effective. Originally, home 3D printers averaged about $2,000 or higher. As of the writing of this article, the latest home unit for sale hit the market priced below $299.

A household unit will use either PLA or ABS as its standard filament. In some cases, a unit is capable of printing in both materials. This doesn’t include the cost of other supplies such as painter’s tape, kapton tape, tools, and post-processing solvents. With more companies offering home 3D printing supplies online, the cost of filament is gradually decreasing. A complete economy is being built just on the supplies and material required for 3D printing at home.

The surge will also empower consumers to consider home 3D printing as a full time business. From the confines of their own house, one can offer custom services, manufacture their own products, and easily rapid prototype new invention ideas. As the technology matures, the quality of home 3D printers will improve. Increased resolution will provide greater detail as well as better overall quality. Therefore the title for best home model on the market is continuous as each year brings new innovations. The overall price, quality, and reliability of home 3D printing is getting better each year.

For more information on what we recommend as the best home unit to use, please contact us. We offer a variety of personal 3D printers for sale with new deals and incentives tailored to fit your budget.