Large 3D printers huge build volumes for industrial strength.


Large 3D printers such as Gigabot, BigRep One, and 3DMonstr are setting the bar for huge build envelopes in 3D printing. As units continue to evolve, a slew of startup companies have appeared to offer mega build volumes which, in some cases, are the size of small smart cars.

As of this moment, most units on the market are capable of producing hand-held sized items directly on the desktop. However Makerbots, Cubes, Ultimakers, and others will soon be joined by bigger 3D printer units. In addition, other companies on Kickstarter are focusing on increasing their build volume as part of their offering. Large 3D printers are not only designed for size; many are designed to offer industrial strength manufacturing capable of producing whole pieces of furniture and 1:1 scale prototypes.

Larger 3D printing is now a reality. The first to capture our attention was Gigabot by re:3D. Now available worldwide, Gigabot’s large 3D printer build envelope is a massive 24”x24”x24” inches. Weighing in at about 100 lbs, Gigabot can print using 1.75 or 3mm filament with 100 micron resolution. Makers are already producing huge 3D printed vases, full scale artifacts, bones, and surface maps.

3DMonstr’s T-Rex series of large 3D printers were successfully funded on Kickstarter. Featuring a foldable gantry system for easy storage, T-Rex 3D printers offer several build area size options. One can easily rapid prototype an entire rocket engine using its largest 3D printing platform available.

Of course if you’re not happy with the large build volume offered above, there’s more. Enter BigRep One. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, BigRep One stunned curious onlookers interested in larger 3D printing. Designed to be a full scale unit for studio or office use, BigRep One features a massive 1.3m3 build volume. This makes it the largest 3D printer on the market. One can literally stand inside the BigRep One. Offering 1:1 scale prototypes, BigRep One is capable of producing coffee tables, chairs, or large prototypes. At $39,000 BigRep One is designed for industrial strength use and durability; able to withstand typical abuse in factories or studios.

Makerbot recently released the z-18 large format professional 3d printer. It is worth taking a look at for your projects.

With large 3D printers on the rise, many of the desktop printers are also following suit by offering bigger units for sale or expanding their current build area.

We can provide several large 3D printers based on your requirements. The possibility of full scale prototyping is now here. Please contact us for more information. We can work with our partners on acquiring a unit that provides ample production size whether you are at home or in the office.