Provider of medical 3D printers for Doctors and Dentists


Medical 3D printers are an increasingly popular solution for patient care and research. Advancements in medical care, coupled with rising costs, have pushed technology to new horizons. Medical 3D printers will help patients break free from the confines of old fashioned, expensive, and antiquated care devices. Thanks to this new technology, we are already on the verge of cutting costs, enabling personal preventive care, and even creating our own medical devices from home.

There are a number of medical 3d printers and on demand companies already giving hope to patients. This includes printers for dentists and researchers as well. In 2008 Bespoke Innovations became the first company to provide customizable 3D printed prosthetics. These prosthetics are 3D modeled and 3D printed to the exact specification of a patient’s physiological characteristics. Another 3D printing service for the medical industry is EOS. In 2010, EOS unveiled a series of customizable spinal surgical instruments, dental implants, and cobalt chrome knee joints.

For those searching for medical 3D printers for sale, we can help you obtain units from several manufacturers. Stratasys offers several units capable of creating accurate prototypes, prosthetics, and medical tools. Stratasys also is responsible for VeroDentPlus MED690, a medical 3D printing material for dental applications. VeroDentPlus offers high standard precision, stability, and resolution for bridges, crowns, implants, and orthodontic appliances. 3D Systems also offers their own medical units as well as print on demand services for hospitals, dentists, and researchers. In conjunction with Ekso Bionics, 3D Systems created the “Ekso-Suit”. The Ekso-Suit is a wearable 3D printed exoskeleton that enables paralyzed patients to walk with the use of crutches.

Even if you’re a small medical office searching for a simple 3D printing device to create non-invasive prototypes, it’s not always necessary to purchase a premium unit. This is especially true if the medical device being 3D printed is not surgically implanted in the body. They can be used for crutches, prosthetics, or support apparatuses which are warn outside the body. Companies such as Makerbot have been responsible for numerous robotic and prosthetic 3D prints around the world which have helped patients gain motion, articulation, and a sense of hope.

We offer medical 3D printers for sale from several prominent manufactures as well as the prototyping services. We’ve established long term relationships with our partners and can acquire 3D printing devices for doctors, dentists, and laboratory researchers. For more information on purchasing a medical 3D printer, please contact us.