Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing rapid prototyping & (UAM) 3D printing services.


UAM Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing rapid prototyping services is suitable for bonding metals together with different properties when 3D printing an object. UAM rapid prototyping uses a an ultrasonic printhead to weld together strips of metal along a build plate. Intense pressure is placed on the foil against the build plate while the ultrasonic weld process occurs. Each successive layer is welded to the other, tracing the cross-sectional shape of the object. Once bonded to the build plate, a special CNC mill trims the excess foil from the object layer by layer. The process cycle is repeated until a 3D object is formed.

UAM 3d printing and rapid prototyping offers the ability to join different metal together regardless of thickness. Ultimately the resolution depends on the type and size of the metal foil feedstock. UAM rapid prototyping allows for the ability to use different metals during the 3D printing process.

  • What type of objects are best for Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing 3d printing services?

Ultrasonic additive manufacturing services can provide a variety of products. The UAM printing process allows for the creation of electronics embedded within closed objects. It also works for products with complex internal geometries, fiber embedded material, and internal cavities. UAM 3d printing is also suitable for various rapid prototyping applications. UAM prototyping services can create objects with deep voids and slots as well as objects with latticed or honeycombed structures. UAM prototyping supports typical metals such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and titanium.

  • Are the any disadvantages to UAM prototyping?

Significant cool down times are required for completed objects.

  • Our UAM Prototyping Services

Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional rapid prototyping and 3d printing services to suit any industry or application. Our team thrives on industry experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll offer:

1)            Budget friendly service with fast turnaround times.

2)            A consultative approach to creating your prototype design: service recommendations, 3D modeling, and material selection.

3)            The largest network of UAM rapid prototyping services on the west coast, with access to a diverse set of UAM prototyping equipment.


  • How do I get started having my object 3D printed with UAM prototyping services?

Feel free to contact us through our website or over the phone for any questions. Our team has previous experience with Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing prototyping and manufacturing. We’ll leverage a diverse set of services so that your product is done with speed, accuracy, and quality.