Wood 3D printing filament for creative art and 3d models

Wood 3D printing filament captured the world by storm in 2012 when the first iteration of wood based plastic filament went on sale. Known as Laywood or Laywoo-D3, this wood colored 3D printer filament set the stage for the future of 3D printing with wood textures. Since then 3D printing filament that resembles wood has captured the attention of makers, designers, artists, and hobbyists.

Wood 3D printer filament is typically made from recycled wood fibers and polymer binders which will extrude just like any other plastic filament. A number of various plastic filaments that resemble wood are currently available now. When extruded, wood plastic filament will resemble the properties of wood but actually have the same properties as objects printed in PLA or ABS filament.

Generally most of the wood 3D printer filaments for sale will react differently when varying the temperature. For lighter tones of wood coloring, the filament should be extruded at lower temperatures. For darker wood tones, the filament should be extruded at higher temperatures. One of the greatest features of wood filament is the ability to create “tree rings”. By manually increasing and decreasing the temperatures, the final wooded object will exhibit subtle changes in color tones such as brown or beige. This will create a “veneer” effect when prototyping with wood filament. Several software scripts are available which will automatically regulate the temperature for you as your 3D printer runs. Plastic filament that resembles wood will appear rough on the surface with a tactile feel to that of fiberboard. Regulating the temperature of timber wood colored plastic will also create smoother or rougher surfaces.

Another popular wood 3D printer filament for sale is known as Woodfill, is produced by Dutch filament supplier colorFabb. This 3D printing filament uses smaller particles of wood made from 30% pinewood and 70% PLA. and is available for 1.75mm and 3mm diameter nozzles. Woodfill is offered in fine or coarse surfaces and prototypes with a very appealing wood texture.

There are already plenty of designs on the web using wood 3D printer filaments. Artists are developing sculptures made entirely from printable timber. Designers also have the ability to 3D print wood architectural models for better realism. Of course, any hobbyist can buy wood 3D printing filament and create an array of objects – from vases to sailing ships.

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