Our Online 3D printing service can make anything from complete objects to working replacement parts. The 3D printer filament is light, but sturdy. It comes in two basic types (ABS filament and PLA filament) and each comes in two sizes (1.75mm filament and 3mm filament). The printer feeds the ABS or PLA filament into an extruder head, which heats and melts the plastic, and extrudes it out through a nozzle. Check out our filament glossary for more information on different online 3d printing service materials. Makerbot 3D printers and Printrbots are capable of extremely detailed work.

The different 3D printer filament materials often come on spools in many different colors, and printers are available fully-assembled or as DIY 3D printer kits. Fully-assembled 3D printers are ready to go out of the box, and are usually more expensive, often by a couple hundred dollars. On the other hand, the best way to get a 3D printer under $500 is to buy a kit. The DIY 3D printer kits for sale include all of the necessary supplies, along with instructions and links to helpful video guides.

Basic DIY Printer Kits and Plastic 3D Filament Supplies

Handheld 3D Laser Scanners and Accessories

The 3D printer community is full of innovatoring makers, and many companies like 3D systems creators of stereolithography are constantly pushing the limits of what commercial or desktop 3D printers are capable of. For example, many people have converted cameras into 3D scanners, enabling users to scan an object and upload the data to their 3D printing software, instead of re-creating designs from scratch. And some newer like Stratasys Objet 3D printer models feature dual extruders, which work with two spools of plastic (PVC) filament at once. Essentially, when it comes to an accurate 3D print the possibilities are endless!