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3D printers for sale always seem daunting for the first time buyer. With so many available on the market today, the unit that you choose is a significant decision. This is especially true if you’re looking for 3D printers for sale at the right time. Are you interested in 3D printing with ABS or PLA filament? Will you want a heated print bed? Is the units resolution capable of sub 100 microns? There are a plethora of technical questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the best 3D printer to buy online which will serve your personal or business requirements.

While buying a 3D printer at a cheap price is important, you’ll need to weigh out capabilities and cost breakdown when choosing a 3D printer for sale. Let’s start with resolution. 100 micron resolution is currently a standard requirement. Most affordable 3D printers available to buy now are built with 100 microns as the ideal resolution (almost equivalent to the width of a human hair). Many of these are capable of producing finer 3D print resolutions on demand.

Choosing a material to print with is just as important as selecting the best 3D printer for sale. PLA is extremely popular while ABS has been around for quite some time. You’ll need to think about what type of items you’re prototyping and the characteristics of the object. ABS is extremely durable but requires a heated print bed. PLA is very strong but is generally more brittle for thin walled parts. Sometimes a machine is capable of producing both ABS and PLA prototypes in one single unit.

Another important factor when selecting a unit to purchase is configurability. Do you simply want to hit the start button? Are you interested in modifying the performance?  A number of 3D printers for sale online today are designed with simplicity in mind. Others are more “open source”; allowing you to fine tune the software or mechanical characteristics. There are a number of 3D printer deals on sale that let you choose which software to use, configure performance, or modify the 3D printer with additional parts you can purchase separately. We offer both 3D printers and supplies available for purchase.

3D Printer Pro also has a growing selection of the best 3D printer deals available to buy in our online store. Finding an affordable machine  first starts with looking for 3D printer deals and cost comparisons. We work with each manufacturer to get the lowest prices, ensure quality, and understand each printer’s capability. Our mission is to help you choose the right 3D printer to buy online that will serve the needs of hobbyists and engineers alike. If you’re just getting started in choosing the best home 3D printer for you, you’ll need to work out what your exact needs are in terms of 3D printers for sale online.

We’re here to provide you with the support and product knowledge necessary in making the right decision for the most cost effective 3D printer for sale.  For more information please contact us. We offer a variety of 3D printers for sale with new deals each month. We’ll also notify you on the latest 3D printer deals and incentive sales.