Why Us?

At 3D Printer Pro®, we’ve developed a revolutionary mantra: “half as cheap with twice the quality”. Not only are we offering the lowest prices possible, we also believe in an expectation of quality unrivaled in the 3D printing business.

We offer a 365 day no hassle return policy for filaments, design services, and rapid prototyping. Throughout the year of your purchase, if you’re unhappy with your filament, return it. If you’ve decided that your prototype is not up to spec, send it to us. If your 3D modeled design needs adjustment, let us know.

Our goal is to achieve a long term partnership with each and every customer. In our eyes, we consider you the next big inventor or designer taking part in a 3D printed future.

Not one product leaves our warehouse, nor do any designs become a reality, until our specialists provide authentic customer service to clients. From California to Mumbai, we provide real contact, initial consultation, and post-sale support. We don’t perform automaton-like services … we’ve been on the receiving end and understand what it’s like to lose faith in a 3D printer product, service, or company. Our commitment to you is responsiveness, knowledge, and a pleasant reminder to ourselves that we we’re also customers at one point in time.

Our services continuously evolve in the 3D printing world, starting from our work with the RepRap movement to our first business to business sale. We’ve been in it from the beginning, accruing a team with extensive knowledge and experience in 3D printing. Our community roots run deep with specialists who are not only committed, but also rooted with 3D printing on their minds each and every day.

Have questions or comments about our 3D printer products? We’re here for you.

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