Our Guarantee

3D Printer Pro’s® Guarantee To Our Customers

  • A 365 day money back guarantee for 3D printing filament, fabrication services, or digital modeling. “Half as cheap at twice the quality”.
  • A customer service philosophy based on long term partnerships whether you’re an individual or business.
  • Real human services for every customer that include initial consultation, fluid sales program, and extensive post-sales support.
  • Consistent quality on a global scale – products, services, and prints are all subjected to the same quality control standards worldwide.
  • Responsive local and international shipping.
  • An experienced team, rooted in the world of 3D printing, with rapid prototyping services available since 2011.
  • A network of experts applying grass-roots technical knowledge to every 3D model we print.
  • Distribution locations worldwide in California and Mumbai, India.
  • Depth of knowledge in the latest 3D printing technologies, techniques, and services.
  • To rapidly evolve our services to ensure the highest standard in customer satisfaction.
  • A team that literally eats, breathes, and sleeps “3D printing” each and every day.
  • Rapid response to questions, concerns, and transactions.
  • Real time communication and live customer service.
  • A commitment to educate and help our customers grow, whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’re learning something new each day!
  • A proactive customer service team that anticipates problems before they occur.