Makeup 3D printers will revolutionize the cosmetic industry from your own home

Makeup 3D printers are on the horizon for the cosmetics industry. In the near future, you’ll be able to customize your own colors, textures, and applicators by purchasing makeup 3D printer supplies. While there are no 3D printers for makeup … Read More »

FACTUM 3D Printers (HSS) High Speed Sintering Technology

How Factum’s “High Speed Sintering” (HSS) 3d printers are set to break speed barriers for 3D fabrication. The Factum 3D printer may be the game changing technology that the industry desperately needs to overcome build times. Researchers at Sheffield and … Read More »

Three Dimensional Crime Scene Investigation

  3D printing for crime scenes are helping forensic investigation teams in a multitude of ways. In 2013, Japanese authorities produced a 3D model of a crime scene which occurred in a home. Although police could not immediately identify the … Read More »