Makeup 3D printers will revolutionize the cosmetic industry from your own home

Makeup 3D printers are on the horizon for the cosmetics industry. In the near future, you’ll be able to customize your own colors, textures, and applicators by purchasing makeup 3D printer supplies. While there are no 3D printers for makeup for sale today, we’ll soon see units appear within this decade. Users will be able to create their own gloss, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, nail polish, and powders from their own home.

Users will choose a color that they see somewhere, scan it with their phone or tablet, and find the proper HEX code for that particular color tone. They’ll then import that color tone to 3D software linked to a 3D printer for makeup. They’ll choose what type of applicator (gloss, lipstick, etc.) for the 3D makeup printer to create. They’ll also choose the color tone, by importing their newly found color into 3D modeling software. Using various pigments, substrates, and natural organic ingredients, a makeup 3D printer will whirl into action, producing cosmetics based on their choices. Users can purchase their 3D printer supplies from cosmetics stores or third party companies like us, allowing them to customize their choices, save money, and gain inspiration. It wouldn’t be a stretch for women to start their own 3D printing makeup services. Using a 3D printer for makeup, users could potentially buy their own supplies, produce the makeup according to their own color schemes, and sell it to users on sites online.

Sooner or later, companies such as Revlon, Maybelline, Sephora, L’Oreal, and Estee Lauder will get involved with the ability to produce makeup using a 3D printer.  Currently these companies define the colors and textures of makeup.  However, users will soon be able to do that themselves – combining their own creativity with the help of makeup 3D printers. Significant cost savings will occur for users purchasing their own production 3D makeup printer supplies instead of being confined to the choices by these companies.

One particular concept is on the horizon. The Mink 3D printer will soon be a prototype that will break barriers for the makeup industry. Using many of the concepts mentioned above, the Mink 3D printer cost will be less than $300 and target users interested in creating their own cosmetics. Customers can purchase their own 3D printer makeup supplies from stores or online. The Mink 3D printer for sale is coming soon and it’s almost guaranteed to takeoff once the technology is perfected.

Users want the ability to 3D print their own makeup choices. Makeup 3D printers are just getting started, with incredible market growth on the horizon. Technology such as the mink 3D printer will not only help boost this overcrowded market, but also create a new dimension for the cosmetics industry – allowing users to define their own beauty and creativity.