FACTUM 3D Printers (HSS) High Speed Sintering Technology

How Factum’s “High Speed Sintering” (HSS) 3d printers are set to break speed barriers for 3D fabrication.

The Factum 3D printer may be the game changing technology that the industry desperately needs to overcome build times. Researchers at Sheffield and Loughbrough Universities teamed with inkjet specialists Xaar, to produce a printer that creates finger-sized polymer objects in under a second. Known as Factum (latin: “to make”) it utilizes a breakthrough technology called high speed sintering (HSS) to achieve breathtaking build speeds.
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HSS combines IR energy with inkjet technology

HSS consists of a print cycle that uses an alternating roller assembly to deposit layers of polymer-based powder on to the build platform. After the roller assembly completes this task, it travels back to the opposite direction and uses a special inkjet printer head to imprint the first layer of the part’s monochromatic image using radiation absorbent material (RAM). Simultaneously, a separate infrared (IR) lamp hits the entire platform with infrared energy. The RAM pattern absorbs enough thermal energy to chemically activate, causing the powder to melt and fuse together. The process is repeated layer by layer forming a physical object.

Despite the fact that Factum uses a longer and more thorough IR/inkjet print cycle, it’s still faster than traditional laser-based sintering (such as Selective Laser Sintering – SLS). High speed sintering surrounds the build platform with radiant IR energy, therefore only causing a reaction where the inkjet’s RAM pattern was placed. As a result, the high speed sintering process slowly but carefully heats the material without damaging particulate. The result is a smoother and more refined sintering of the object’s surface. In addition, recent tests have shown that the Factum HSS technology is able to sinter materials not possible when using lasers.

Factum 3D printers for sale will disrupt its own industry

The invention of high speed sintering is as disruptive to 3D printing itself as it is to other industries. With BAE Systems and Unilever interested in HSS, the potential to push this mainstream is already on the horizon. Factum 3D printers for sale will remove traditional costs associated with subtractive manufacturing (CNC machining and tooling) while surpassing FDM units in speed and resolution.

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