3D printing for education taking shape in schools & universities

3D printing for education is a bedrock of stimulation for students who wish to immerse themselves in the arts and sciences.  School 3D printers are finding new ways to cater to a student’s thinking process. The approach to building a 3D printer alone will help pupils understand the mechanics, physics, and chemistry of 3D printing in the classroom.

Educational 3D printers will stretch the boundaries of thinking for students. Imagine a machine in high school chemistry? One will have the ability to conceptualize complex molecules by 3D printing in class. A university teaching astronomy can print whole solar systems or planetary rotations. A 3D printer in preschool will captivate children as it makes new shapes, characters, or toys.

3D printing for education systems add significant utility to schools by giving students the ability to learn multiple topics simultaneously. For example, a student studying 3D printing for art not only incorporates his or her creativity, but also applies mathematical models, chemistry, and mechanics in order to achieve their concept design. For the university engineering student, a single semester could be devoted to learning three dimensional additive manufacturing by designing a plane, ship, or rocket.

To understand the impact of 3D printing for education, one only needs to teach and research on their own – the abundance of knowledge obtained from operating a 3D printer for educational purposes is limitless.

Meanwhile, independent 3D printing classes are sprouting up everywhere. Even if it’s the local maker shop teaching at night or a post-secondary school using CAD classes for prototyping, students have plenty of options. Distance learning students interested will also be able to continue their 3D printing education at home to complement their studies.  Therefore, educational 3D printers will continue to be used across a broad spectrum of learning. As the technology and price matures, school 3D printers will become more abundant in classrooms and at a student’s home.

We are committed to helping advance 3D printing for schools, universities, and secondary education. We fully support the next generation of students and teachers interested in using 3D printing in their classroom. We provide educational resources, school discounts on 3D printers and supplies, and partner with leading educational institutions to provide Additive Manufacturing technology along with three dimensional scanners.

For more information on 3D printing discounts for schools, please contact us at info@3dprinterpro.com or call. In many cases we will work with our manufacturers to provide special deals and incentives for teachers or students interested in 3D printing for education.