Build your own 3D printer with our parts, support, and resources.

Build your own 3D printer with parts and support provided by us. Whether it’s your first time constructing one or you require advice on your next DIY 3D printer kit purchase, let us guide you through the process.

So what does it take to build your own? There are quite a few ways to approach it. First, understand that DIY kits take time, patience, and perseverance. It’s not that hard to put one together, it just requires you to follow the directions and carefully plan each step along the way.  There are several options available if interested in DIY 3D printers:

Build it from scratch

You can build it from scratch. This is by far the most difficult as it requires sourcing each part individually and custom building your design. While this approach is reserved for experienced users, it’s still possible if you have ample background in electronics and mechanics. To build your own 3D printer, you’ll need to understand a bit of firmware programming as well – especially if you’re purchasing an electronic controller board from a separate manufacturer. Regardless, we can provide the parts and support required to build your own 3D printer from the ground up.

Build it from a RepRap

The RepRap project is a GNU (General Public License) initiative to develop a DIY 3D printer that can replicate most of its own components. This approach is slightly easier as various build plans are already available for free online with the parts lists, directions, and advice on building a RepRap variant. The beauty of RepRap is that if you already have a 3D printer, you can easily duplicate the majority of components. Our company has long ties with the RepRap community. Our products, parts, and filaments are tested by veteran members before being sold to the public. We have extensive experience in putting together units and can assist you along the way.

Build it from a DIY kit

The most popular (and efficient) option is the purchase of a DIY 3D printer kit. Do it yourself kits are widely available from a number of manufacturers such as Printrbot, Ultimaker, Airwolfe3D, SeeMeCNC, Makergear, Felix, and a host of other companies. Many of these kits are based off open source RepRap designs. Each DIY 3D printer kit includes all of the required parts, electronics, hardware, and tools necessary to assemble. This saves a lot of time in sourcing parts from various suppliers, reduces margin of error, and helps make putting one together a seamless experience. We offer several DIY kits with access to additional manufacturers. When building your own 3D printer with us, we’ll provide the support necessary to help you through the entire assembly process.

We are a reliable partner and source for building your own 3D printer. We offer a complete line of units that you can assemble on your own. We’re also happy to advise you on which kit will be cost effective for your needs and suitable for your skill level. For more information on building your own, please contact us. We offer a variety of inexpensive DIY 3D printer kits for sale with special deals and incentives offered to first time users.