HIPS (high impact polystyrene) Glossary index

High impact polystyrene Is an extremely useful as well as durable additive manufacturing material. It can serve dual purposes for your prototyping as a support structure for ABS as well as a solid material for parts and 3d models.

HIPS high impact polystyrene can be used as a support structure or as a complete prototype model if needed.

Black HIPSFilament: High Impact Polystyrene that is available in a dark black tone.

Blue HIPS Filament: Featuring a number of blue color variants, our HIPS 3D printing filament is versatile.

Glow in the Dark HIPS: Available in a variety of colors, our glow in the dark HIPS is a radiant 3D printing filament.

Gold HIPS Filament: Our radiant gold High Impact Polystyrene is dissolvable in Limonene and works great for support structures.

Green HIPS Filament: We feature a variety of green HIPS 3D printing material, perfect for standalone or dual extrusion.

Grey HIPS Filament 1.75 & 3mm: Our grey HIPS 3D printing filament is perfect for impact resistant objects or support structures.

Light Blue HIPS Filament: We offer a variety of blue HIPS 3D printing filaments in different color hues.

Natural HIPS Filament: Dissoluble in Limonene, our natural HIPS works great for see-through objects or support material.

Neon HIPS Filament: Sold in a variety of neon tones, HIPS is impact resistant and great for 3D printed objects.

Orange HIPS Filament 1.75mm & 3mm: Our High Impact Polystyrene comes in a wide array of orange tones.

Pink HIPS Filament: Perfect for shower or wedding gifts, pink HIPS is sure to impress.

Purple HIPS Filament: Great for toys, puzzles, and games, purple HIPS is impact resistant and can be used as support material if necessary.

Red HIPS Filament: Featuring radiant tones of red, this 3D printing filament can be used for supports and object fabrication.

Silver HIPS Filament: With metallic luster, our High Impact Polystyrene comes in several tones of silver.

White HIPS Filament: With several white HIPS tones to choose from, this material is perfect for 3D printing with dual extrusion.

Yellow HIPS Filament: With several radiant yellow HIPS colors to choose from, this 3D printing filament works great for both objects or support material.