Ion Fusion Formation (IFF) rapid prototyping & 3D printing services


IFF Ion Fusion Formation rapid prototyping services is a process developed and used exclusively by Honeywell Aerospace. IFF 3D printing is used for parts that require demanding mechanical characteristics. The process of IFF prototyping services is ideal for the fabrication of large scale structures.

Ion fusion formation prototyping produces is a near-net-shape hardware manufacturing process using a high temperature ionized gas welding system. The welding system is guided by computer to move around the build platform tracing molten pools of metal while wire feedstock or powder is deposited. As the pool cools, it hardens to form a cross-sectional layer of the object. The process is repeated by laying down successive layers until a complete 3D object is formed.

  • What type of objects are best for IFF prototyping?

IFF prototyping services is a new approach to solid freeform fabrication and additive manufacturing. IFF printing services are best for large structure creation and parts that require precision mechanical characteristics. When compared to traditional manufacturing methods such as machined objects, IFF objects surpass them in performance properties. Materials used include steel, nickel, and other various alloys.

  • Are there any disadvantages to IFF prototyping?

Parts produced using ion fusion formation rapid prototyping  IFF printing is used solely by Honeywell Aerospace and may not be easily  attainable. If you’re interested in ion fusion formation 3D printing services, please contact us. We’ll use our network of rapid prototyping service members to find the right solution for your manufacturing requirements.

  • Our IFF Prototyping Services

Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional rapid prototyping services to suit any industry or application. Our team thrives on industry experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll offer:

1)            Budget friendly service with fast turnaround times.

2)            A consultative approach to creating your prototype design: service recommendations, 3D modeling, and material selection.

3)            The largest network of ion fusion formation prototyping services on the west coast, with access to a diverse set of 3D rapid prototyping equipment.

How do I get started having my object 3D printed with IFF prototyping services?

Feel free to contact us through our website or over the phone for any questions. We can provide you with IFF prototyping using our network of 3D printing resources. We can leverage a diverse set of services so that your product is done with speed, accuracy, and quality.