Laser 3D Scanners

Laser 3D scanners are on sale now at 3D Printer Pro. We offer a wide range of 3D laser scanning equipment suitable for different industry applications. This includes both portable and stationary laser 3D scanners. In the world of 3D printing, laser 3D scanners are a welcome tool for those who do not wish to use 3D modeling to recreate an object. Laser 3D scanning is broken down into two primary categories: short range and long range.

Short Range 3D Laser Scanning

The concept for scanning an object into 3D with a laser is typically known as “laser triangulation”. Laser 3D scanners for sale use a single laser or a series of lasers to scan the entire surface geometry of an object. A sensor reads the reflection signal which is bounced off the object. Using trigonometric calculations, the 3D scanner calculates the distance, time, and angle of the laser from the object.

Long Range 3D Laser Scanning

When medium to long range is required for laser 3D scanning of objects, pulse-based scanners are required. This form of 3D scanning uses pulse laser calculations based on the speed of light. As the laser bounces of an object, the time of return is calculated. A special CMOS lens is used to record the laser’s return. This form is found in many professional laser scanners as it is deemed more accurate. However, there is a higher degree of interference involved with this 3D scanning technique. As a result, a second form of 3D laser scans are used known as phase-shift 3D laser scanners. Phase-shift 3D laser scanning uses the same approach but also modulates the power of the laser beam. As a result, readings are more accurate. The drawback is that phase-shift professional 3D scanning is only suitable for medium range applications.

3D Printer Pro offers next generation 3D laser scanners for various applications. With 3D laser scanning technology constantly evolving, many are finding new ways to duplicate or quickly 3D model objects. We offer 3D scanners from a number of well-known manufacturers with credible reputation in the 3D industry. For more information on laser scanning, please contact us at or call 800-343-0053. We can acquire any type of portable 3D scanner depending on your application needs.