Laser Powder Forming (LPF) 3D printing prototyping services


LPF Laser Powder Forming rapid prototyping services uses a high power laser to melt metallic powder into a pool along the build surface. A computer controlled system traces the cross-sectional layer of the object’s shape. As the molten pool forms, metallic powder is injected into the pool where the combination cools and hardens to form a layer. With LPF rapid prototyping, powder is injected either by gravity or pressurized inert gas. The gas will shield the molten pool from atmospheric oxygen and help adhesion between layers.

Laser powder forming rapid prototyping services work using a laser head that is controlled by a joint which moves in multiple directions. The object itself rests on a rotating build platform, allowing for multiple angles during fabrication.

  • What type of objects are best for LPF prototyping services?

LPF prototype services accommodate a wide range of metals, alloys, and composite materials. Most objects created with LPF prototyping can be post processed for additional properties. This includes heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of the object.  LPF rapid prototyping can be used for large objects that require mechanical properties that surpass the capabilities of traditional manufacturing techniques. Since LPF equipment works on multiple axes, complex geometries can be produced.

  • Area there any disadvantages to LPF prototyping?

LPF rapid prototyping do use supports to create complex geometries. The supports require additional machining and post processing once an object is fabricated using LPF rapid prototyping.

  • Our LPF Prototyping Services

Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional rapid prototyping services to suit any industry or application. Our team thrives on industry experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll offer:

1)            Budget friendly service with fast turnaround times.

2)            A consultative approach to creating your prototype design: service recommendations, 3D modeling, and material selection.

3)            The largest network of LPF rapid prototyping services on the west coast, with access to a diverse set of 3D rapid prototyping equipment.

  •  How do I get started having my object 3D printed with LPF rapid prototyping services?

Feel free to contact us through our website or over the phone for any questions. We can provide you with LPF 3d printing prototyping services using our network of partners in manufacturing and production. We’ll leverage a diverse set of services so that your product is done with speed, accuracy, and quality.