Nylon Filament For 3D Printers

Nylon filament from 3D Printer Pro aims to solve the problem of breaking and cracking under intense force that can result in some plastic produced models. The nylon filament assortment offers some qualities that plastic materials just can’t match like the ability to dye the material before it is extruded. The material also doesn’t require a heated bed to be produced (although one is recommended) and cooling fans aren’t a necessity either. While conventional plastics will always have a place in 3D printing projects, many users are enjoying the doors that 1.75mm nylon filament and 3.0mm nylon filament have opened.

Conveniences of Printing with Nylon Filament

Nylon filament for a 3D printer is versatile in many more ways than just the type of projects that can be produced. The popularity of Nylon is rising due to a number of factors.
• Prints over wide temperature range – it can be annoying for operators to have to recalibrate and adjust their printer’s settings when switching back and forth between materials. Nylon filament for Makerbot and other popular devices prints over a wide range of temperatures and will need little tweeking.
• No odor – One big drawback from using the ABS filament can be a somewhat significant odor that emanates during the printing process. Nylon has little to no smell as it prints.
• Prints wider – Nylon prints in a thicker diameter and therefore will not need super fine print layers.
• Tough – Most home users would agree that nylon is the toughest of the filaments they’ve used, multiple times stronger than PLA or ABS.

Our high-quality nylon filament for sale has superb self-bonding properties that results in strong objects that retain their original finish. Some low grade filaments are known to lose their gloss and lamination over time but nylon has an integrity not yet matched.
Common Nylon Filament Uses

Because the nylon filaments can be dyed multiple colors either before or after printing, the material is popular for many interior design products. The material is also more stretchy than ABS plastic so a gunny sack or bracelet might be a good starter project. For more advanced uses, designers are turning to nylon to print human bone replacements and custom prosthesis. The nylon filament manufacturer is clearly producing an item that will literally change the way we live…it’s a great time here at 3D Printer Pro.

A Long Term Filament Affiliate

It’s important to form your 3D printing partnership with a distributor who cares. When you buy nylon filament from 3D Printer Pro you can rest assured you’re receiving the highest-quality grade material from the largest on-hand stock in the U.S. We go beyond that though in offering only environmentally friendly materials with the best customer service in the industry. You’ll enjoy same day shipping and discounts on bulk orders but most of all, you’ll have a friend in the business who will stand by you for years to come.