PLA Filament Glossary Info

Polylactic acid has become a favorite to makers across the world for its friendly working qualities. One of the best parts that we like to promote about this plastic is that it is made from renewable and biodegradable materials. Corn and cane sugar are two of the more popular ways to create it. Along with its great environmental qualities, overall is probably the most user friendly material around for beginners and experienced users. It offers almost no warping compared to abs and other types, as well as great strength properties. We have had many customers use our PLA as a finished end-use product in their businesses with great success. let us know if we can help with any of your material questions.

PLA Filament poly-lactic acid is a great biodegradable option for makers and their printers, it offers less warp and is much better for the environment while being relatively odorless.

Black PLA Filament: Our black PLA filament is widely popular and available in several tones.

Blue PLA Filament: We offer a number of blue PLA color tones, featuring good strength and rigidity.

Glow in the Dark PLA: With over a half dozen colors to choose from, our Glow in the Dark PLA is great for parties, favors, and fun.

Gold PLA Filament: Our lustrous gold Polyactic Acid works on a number of 3D printers and offers suitable hardness and rigidity.

Green PLA Filament: Green Polyactic Acid is a popular filament offered in a variety of color tones.

Grey PLA Filament: Popular for both prototypes and household objects, we offer several grey PLA color variations.

Light Blue PLA Filament: Our light blue PLA 3D printing filament is perfect for special occasions, showers, and weddings.

Natural PLA Filament: With a clear tone for 3D printed objects, natural PLA is versatile for desktop fabrication.

Neon PLA Filament: Featuring a variety of neon colors, our neon PLA is great for fun events.

Orange PLA Filament: We provide several orange PLA color tones for use with any 3D printer on the market.

Pink PLA Filament: Our pink polyactic acid 3D printing filament is great for gifts, toys, and novelty.

Purple PLA Filament: We offer several purple PLA 3D printing filaments offered in a variety of color tones.

Red PLA Filament: Featuring red PLA in several tones, this filament is great for any 3D printer application.

Silver PLA Filament: Offering simulated metallic shine, our silver PLA features several different color tones.

White PLA Filament: A popular PLA 3D printing filament offered in several white tones.

Yellow PLA Filament: Featuring radiance and shine, our yellow PLA offers great rigidity and hardness for 3D printing objects.