Precious Metal 3D Printing Service Providers

Even though the 3D printing world is pretty revolutionary but still somewhat new, it’s not entirely hard to fathom something being created line by line in a full model out of a material like plastic. Some zoos have even had a version of the technology available on-demand for a few quarters for decades with predetermined designs like a plastic monkey or giraffe. What really throws a wrench in some people’s expectations of the technologies is hearing of precious metals 3D printing service for materials such as silver, 14k and 18k gold, or titanium.

What Is Precious Metal 3D Printing?

It’s not hard to believe how many possible uses could potentially exist for precious metals 3D printing services. Basically anything made of silver, gold, palladium, etc. now could be custom created on a whim in the future. The realm of such creations go from the simple like a silver precious metal 3d printed butter knife to the unique like a custom gold pendant to the useful such as a titanium dental implant. Precious metals 3D printing is a huge step utilizing three dimension printed objects for functionality instead of just display.

The Precious Metal 3D Printing Process

Depending on the use and the metal, there are a number of different routes that 3D Printer Pros takes to create your objects. Items that want to have the allure of being created in gold or silver but are mostly just for display purposes are created with a synthetic base and covered in a precious metal finish much like a pair of bronzed baby shoes are created. That’s not saying that solid gold or titanium products can’t be created though, as they’re usually done so by first printing a mold and then by pouring liquid metal into that casing where it can settle and harden. The precious metals 3D printing process is completed by giving the objects a thorough polishing after hardening to give them the look of an illustrious ancient artifact…that is literally hours old.

Go With The Precious Metals 3D Printing Professionals for cost and quality

3D Printer Pro has been in the precious metals 3D printing service game for some time now, perfecting the creation and finishing processes with fine detail. When searching the web for an online precious metals 3D printing service you want to find two things, knowledge and technology. 3D Printer Pro’s knowledge speaks for itself just by being on the forefront of offering the newest services available the soonest. The perks are unquestionable as well from top-notch customer service in assistance with design and development all the way to rapid precious metals prototyping and shipping the product worldwide in an instant.

When it comes to the only service for precious metals 3d printing, 3D Printer Pros has a nice ring to it.