PVA Filament Material Support For Sale

PVA filament is another of the more structural components offered at 3D Printer Pro. This particular PVA filament for sale is extremely soluble and easily dissolves in warm water. In most cases, home 3D printers use the polyvinyl alcohol plastic to build molds that can easily be disposed of for testing methods or they use the PVA to build supports for ABS or PLA (polyactic acid) plastic constructed models. Even though the material is basically considered temporary, the uses for PVA filament for 3D printing stretch far and wide.

PVA Filament for Prototypes

One of the pillars that 3D printers and designers stand for is increasing this technology with the least affect on the environment. Filaments such as PLA that is formed from organic products like beans and corn oil or ABS that can take unused filament and recycle it for reuse have as little damage to the planet as possible. The ‘greenest’ way to develop a prototype with a 3D printer is by using PVA filament for Makerbots or whatever printer you use. A solid model can be printed, analyzed, tweaked, then easily dissolved in warm water for zero waste. Sometimes a prototype will take 5 to 10 runs or more to get the final design right which can add up to a lot of waste whereas PVA leaves literally no trace except cloudy water.

Using PVA Filaments as Supports

One of the main uses of the HIPS filament we sell here at 3D Printer Pro is as a support for ABS plastic molds. PVA filament works in much the same way as it can be implemented in a design to be used as a support for a large overhang or for components within a complex build. The PVA filament assortment stays in place while the ABS or PLA cools and becomes solid. The PVA portion of the project is then dipped in water where it dissolves without any damage to the remaining parts.

Potential Future Uses of PVA

PVA filament manufacturer have been trying to develop a soluble material for years. Designers have only scraped the surface of the uses of printing an item that could eventually be dissolved in water. For instance in the biotechnology field a splint or cast could be designed that needs only be dipped in water to be taken off. For security use a house key could be enveloped in a PVA case and submerged in water when an emergency calls for it. 3D Printer Pro is hopeful and optimistic that the future of 1.75mm PVA filament and 3.0mm PVA filament will be basically endless.

3D Printer Pro : Your One Stop Printing Shop

When you’re looking to buy PVA filament, it’s best to do so from a tried and true supplier. At 3D Printer Pro we have the largest in stock supply of filament in the USA. We also have a large number of printers, scanners, and other accessories available from industry leaders in the field of three dimensional printing. We specifically choose filaments that are environmentally friendly and offer incentives such as one day shipping and discounts on bulk orders.

The future of 3D printing is unlimited and we’d love to be your ally on this wonderful journey.