Selective Heat Sintering rapid prototyping & (SHS) 3D printing services


SHS Selective Heat Sintering rapid prototyping services use a thermal printhead instead of a high powered laser to produce 3D objects. SHS 3D printers are designed to be used with thermoplastic powder only. A roller applies a layer of plastic powder across a heated build platform. The thermal printhead traces the object’s cross-sectional area over the powder, applying just enough heat to sinter the top layer of powder. Once the layer is complete, the process is repeated until a complete 3D object is formed. Excess powder surrounding the object helps provide support for complex shapes and overhangs. Unused powder is also reusable for the next the 3D print. Since thermal printheads are less expensive, the overall cost of selective heat sintering is more affordable than SLS.

  • What type of objects are best for Selective Heat Sintering printing services?

SHS rapid prototyping services work best for creating low cost concept prototypes, functional testing, and testing the overall fit and form between moving parts. SHS is a relatively new and proprietary technology developed by Blueprinter. SHS rapid prototyping services are only offered for plastics although new materials are anticipated in the future.

  • Are there any disadvantages to SHS prototyping?

Currently SHS prototyping services are limited to monochrome white thermoplastic powder that offers similar strength properties to Nylon. Excess powder removal can be done inside the Blueprinter or post processed separately at a powder removal station. SHS technology is proprietary and is only available using a Blueprinter.

If you’re interested in SHS prototyping services, we can work with our network partners and bring Blueprinter’s patented selective heat sintering process to work for you.

  • Our SHS Prototyping Services

Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional rapid prototyping services to suit any industry or application. Our team thrives on industry experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

No matter the complexity of your project, we’ll offer:

1)            Budget friendly service with fast turnaround times.

2)            A consultative approach to creating your prototype design: service recommendations, 3D modeling, and material selection.

3)            The largest network of SHS rapid prototyping services on the west coast, with access to a           diverse set of 3D rapid prototyping equipment.

How do I get started having my object 3D printed with SHS rapid prototyping?

Feel free to contact us through our website or over the phone for any questions. SHS rapid prototyping services are still relatively new, but we’ve seen the unit in action and can work within our network to bring you this technology. We leverage a diverse set of 3D printing services so that your product is done with speed, accuracy, and quality.