SLA 3D printer prices


SLA 3D printers are otherwise known as Stereolithography are making headway in the Additive Manufacturing market. The first iteration of home 3D printing was Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. These are units such as Makerbot, Ultimaker, and Cube. FDM designs extrude melted plastic, rubbers, silicones, clays, and edible materials from a moving nozzle to form a 3D object. Alternatively, SLA 3D printers use ultraviolet light or a light projector to harden liquid polymer resin into a 3D object.

In Stereolithography 3D printing, the unit’s build platform immerses itself in a polymer resin bath. As the build platform raises upwards, UV light hits against the surface of the resin. The resin cures and hardens to form the first layers of an object. Layer by layer, the process is repeated until the complete object is formed from the resin bath. There are two primary types of Stereolithography units. One uses a laser to cure the resin while the other uses Digital Light Processing (DLP). DLP is simply a photometric light projector. The light hits the resin along its surface with a series of photo images of the object to be 3D printed. The process is repeated until the resin cures into the complete 3D object.

We offer SLA 3D printers for sale that will meet the needs of the design studio or office. The desktop SLA 3D printing market is gaining ground. A volley of SLA 3D printers are becoming more widely available to the average consumer as the technology becomes cheaper. Open source Stereolithography is also on the rise as inventors create 3D SLA printers using the RepRap philosophy. New developments in affordable SLA desktop printing designs are making it easier to buy an SLA unit below $2,000 as well using our rapid prototyping service.

There are several SLA personal 3D fabricators on sale now. Massachusetts-based FormLabs recently secure $19 million in venture funding for their Form 1 SLA unit. The Form 1 has been released to the 3D printing market and is on sale now. The Solidator is a unit that uses DLP technology and offers one of the biggest build platforms available for personal desktop SLA technology. The B9 Creator is one of the most popular desktop SLA units, with an “open source” philosophy in design allowing users to upgrade and improve on the machine over time. B9 Creator also sells a DIY kit for sale of price is an issue. Low cost options such as Muve3D and OpenSL v1.0 provide both assembled or DIY SLA kits.

We offer a number of Stereolithography units for sale in the form of either DIY SLA 3D printer kits or fully assembled units.  If you have a studio or office and require an industrial grade SLA 3D printer, we’ll help you acquire the proper unit for your business. We’re also happy to advise you on which SLA unit to purchase that is cost effective for your needs. For more information on affordable SLA 3D printers, please contact us!