3D food printers for restaurants and homes. Bon Appétit!


3D food printers such as the new ChefJet by 3D Systems are taking robotic culinary skills to new levels. ChefJet marks the future of 3D printing with chocolate or sweets; specifically for use by restaurants or bakeries. 3D printing with food is not as easy as it sounds. Different 3D food printers are being designed with different purposes. While one may be a candy 3D printer, another may focus on food 3D printing. The ultimate goal is to bring 3D printing of various foods into one unit – whether printing a pizza or chocolate bar. Some are already getting close.

Natural Machine’s Foodini is one food-based 3D printer for sale is capable of pizzas, pastas, and deserts. This printer marks future possibilities in 3D food printers for sale in the home. Essentially anything that is soft or malleable can be extruded by Foodini. At the moment, the Foodini 3D food printer handles sauces, dough, pastas, batter, purees, meat, veggie fillings, chocolate, and candy. Foodini gives users the choice of adding their own 3D printed food ingredients or buying food capsules direct from the company.

3D food printers for sale are not just confined to the home kitchen. Companies are racing to develop customizable 3D food printing on demand. In 2014, the Hershey Company announced a partnership with 3D Systems to offer custom 3D printable chocolate. Pasta empire Barilla is now working on offering customizable 3D printed pasta. The idea would be for users to log on to Barilla’s website, design their own pasta, and place a custom order.

Continued advances in 3D food printing is not just an entrepreneurial endeavor. Governments are joining the world of 3D printed food. Recently, NASA provided a $125,000 grant to Systems & Materials Research with the goal of developing a 3D pizza printer. The current prototype is designed to 3D print with powdered food and oil while reducing excess waste. A heated build plate heats the dough to crust while tomato sauce is carefully laid down on top. The ultimate goal is to design a food 3D printer capable of producing pizza on Mars.

Will 3D printing with food help to reduce world hunger problems? It remains to be seen but rest assured different private and public entities are working on it. Open source recipes may also soon replace cookbooks and allow users across the globe. RepRap designs for future food 3D printers are being shared planet-wide.

3D Printer Pro is proud to be part of 3D printing with food. We offer several options on sale now for culinary 3D printing for home or business use. For more information on 3D food printing technology please contact us.