3D Printer Filament Glossary Index

As the days pass more and more new materials make there way into 3d printers for experimental prototypes. From food grade to industrial grade plastics the list is getting longer and longer. We offer more than 10 different types of polymers to our customers both for end use manufacturing as well as home use. We really emphasize our quality, we have super strict requirements before any material is branded and manufactured by 3D Printer Pro, Inc. If there is something new out there that you want to print with we most likely already have it and can ship to your location in less than 24 hours after the order is made. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any samples.

3D Printer filament supplier of high quality addivitive manufacturing materials available anywhere on the globe.

Nylon Filament: A synthetic polymer used for 3D printing that offers the perfect blend of low cost, hardness, and rigidity.

Conductive ABS Filament: Featuring anti-static resistance, this filament is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and perfect for electronic enclosures, parts, and components.

PVA Filament: A 3D printing filament that is primarily used as support material which easily removes once immersed in water.

Wood 3D Printing Filament: Simulated wood 3D printing filament available in ABS or PLA. Several variants are available featuring wood dust, grains, or material mixed with thermoplastic material.

Stone 3D Printing Filament: Simulated stone 3D printing filament that can mimic the surface smoothness of stone depending on the extrusion temperature.

Soft PLA Filament: Flexible PLA material which results in extruding objects that possess rubber like properties.

Ninjaflex Filament: Strong and flexible 3D printing filament with excellent bend and flex strength properties.

Porolay: A foamy material that is highly porous, combining rubber like properties with PVA. Once immersed in water, the PVA dissolves, leaving only a rubber object.

Bendlay: A translucent 3D printing filament that is both resilient and elastic with excellent flexibility.

Polycarbonate: A 3D printing filament with high impact resistance and glass like properties.

Filament terms and definitions for multiple different types of material related to several different technologies from metal powders to fdm and sla