3D Food Printing Service – Rapid Catering


3D food printing services are on the horizon, the next generation 3D food printers are being developed and released to the general public. While 3D food printing is still considered a hobby, the future may hold great promise for such an extraordinary technology. We may soon see catering companies deploy 3D food printers as part of their menu. Instead of a chef preparing the buffet line, you’ll watch in awe as 3D food print services roar into action producing various appetizers, meals, and deserts.

Restaurants and bakeries are already using 3D food printers as a service. Devices such as Foodini, Choco Creator, and ChefJet are already for sale and marketed to commercial audiences. Small bakeries and sweet stores are using 3D food printing services to create deserts, chocolate, and candy designs. The Hershey Company recently made news with a commitment to produce 3D printed candy and devices by the end of the year. In restaurants they are becoming a novelty attraction to diners.

Current 3D food printing services rely on traditional FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology to extrude food from a moving nozzle onto a substrate. Some food 3D printers are taking advantage of items around the house – no need to buy food filament. As long as the substance is in at least paste form, it may be able to be extruded from a nozzle. In some designs, the extruded food is then heated directly by the printer after it has been extruded.

What type of objects are best for 3D food printing services?

Food of course! Chocolates, cakes, pizzas, candy, pastas, sugars, and more.

Are there any disadvantages to 3D food printing services?

So far, 3D printed food is a kitchen novelty for the home user but is becoming more predominant for commercial use. In due time, you’ll be able to start a catering business using 3D food printers!

How do I get started having my object made with 3D printing food services?Our company maintains an exclusive suite of professional food rapid prototyping services and 3D printing equipment to suit any industry. Our team thrives on veteran experience, quality control standards, and strategic alliances.

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