3D Printer Pro® Glossary Pages


Although 3d printing has been around for several decades it wasn’t until 2009 that it exploded in a big way in the consumer market. After the main patents expired its been a wildfire ever since with FDM and FFF printers available across the globe. Additive manufacturing is set to change the way we think of producing products in factories. Although most of the technologies used today aren’t anything new, its the advancement of them once they were open sourced to the world of everyday DIY’ers, makers, and engineers across the globe. It will change the way we look at manufacturing and customization of products forever.

At 3D Printer Pro® our goal is to help keep you informed with the most useful information to help you or your business make the transition into AM (additive manufacturing). From prfessional to desktop 3d printers and scanners we carry a wide range to satisfy any customers needs. Are you looking for filaments or different types of materials for your printers? We carry the largest selection on in stock polymers, thermoplastics, resins, and metal powders to keep your business or hobby printing non stop. Furthermore our customers who arent ready to purchase or only need 1-1000 parts prototyped we offer you a full service design and online 3d printing services with every AM technology available today. Just upload your design, choose from over 100 different types of materials and press ‘print’.

We would love to help answer any questions you might have related to our products and services, don’t hesitate to call or email our team.

Metal 3D Printing Services available online for businesses and consumers, with a huge range of materials and technology we have the capability to serve any type of industry for the metal fabrication needs.

Online 3D Printing Service glossary : Rapid prototyping terms and definitions for the many different available technologies we offer to businesses and individuals alike.

3D Printer glossary: Terms and definitions for the most popular 3d printers and part accessories that the maker and educational community are using today.

3D Scanner glossary: Three dimensional scanning information and educational terms for bringing your scanned objects to life with additive manufacturing in the home, school, or business.

3D Printing Filament glossary: Materials are an integral part of your printing experience, learn more here about all of our colors and the specific product detail so you can make the right choice for your printer and designs.

PLA Plastic Filament glossary: Polylactic acid is a favorite printing material of ours. Very user friendly, usually extrudes in a wide range of temperatures with minimal to no warping on 3d models.

ABS Filament glossary: This material has been around and in production for decades, commonly used in the automotive industry and many others. Known for strength and ease of use it a great all around material for your printer.

HIPS Printing Filament glossary: Another versatile material used for many types of different applications. This material is commonly used as a hard support structure for those tough to print 3d models.