Portable 3D Scanners

Portable 3D scanners are now on the move. Users now have the ability to bring a scanner to the object as opposed to an object to the scanner. What once required a large spacious design has now been condensed to a hand-held device you can take anywhere.

Portable 3D laser scanners are different from stationary 3D scanners but work along the same concept. Scanners use laser or light to bounce off the surface of an object. Sensors calculate the distance, time, and angle of the return signal. The information is stored and used to create a digital topological representation of the object.

There are scanners for sale that cater to home or professional users. High powered portable 3D scanner technology is used for engineering applications, architectural analysis, archeology, medical applications, and a host of other industries. A surveyor can use a high powered 3D portable laser scanner to analyze tall or large buildings for inspection which are otherwise difficult to measure. Archeologists can carry portable 3D scanners with them on expeditions or digs. If an artifact cannot be transported, it can be digitally duplicated using portable 3D scanning. Home users can take portable 3D scanning equipment with them wherever they go to capture products or objects of interest. For example, a user can buy a portable 3D scanner and duplicate their favorite sculpture at a museum; easily recreating it using a 3D printer.

There are several portable professional scanners on sale now. Fuel3D portable 3D scanner is available to purchase from 3D Printer Pro. This handheld unit creates high resolution mesh objects and works similar to a point and shoot camera. The user takes image captures from different angles to produce a total 3D digital copy of an object. The object is then edited in 3D scanning software then saved or 3D printed. GoScan by Creaform offers fast scanning speeds and features a handheld ergonomic design. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Apple recently unveiled a prototype scanner known as iSense.

3D Printer Pro offers portable 3D scanners for sale suitable for personal or business use. Portable 3D scanning is the next wave in technology which will compliment your 3D printer. We offer affordable laser 3D scanners from a number of reputable manufacturers in the 3D industry. For more information on portable units, please contact us at info@3dprinterpro.com or call 800-343-0053. We can acquire any type of scanner based on your home or business needs.