Professional 3D Scanners

Professional 3D scanners utilize industrial grade 3D scanning technology for the digital duplication of objects and structures. Companies are using professional 3D scanning to help improve business efficiency and reduce costs.

Professional series scanners originated in the early 1960’s with the intent of scanning a competitor’s product for reverse engineering. 3D scanning made considerable impact during the evolution of Hollywood special effects and video game production. Scans of object or human motion would be translated to a green screen or for video development. Additional applications used for professional 3D scanning include dentistry, architecture, facilities management, historical preservation and more.

3D scanning devices are broken down according to portable and non-portable. Professional portable scanners are used when an object may be too large or is unable to be placed on a scanning platform. Non-portable professional 3D scanner equipment are box shaped systems with a limited 3D scan area.

How professional 3D scanning works

3D scanning technology utilize lasers or light aimed at different angles to triangulate an object’s surface coordinates. As the object rotates around a build plate, sensors or cameras will measure various geometric data such as angle, time of light bounce, and distance to create the necessary data required to build a digital image. All of this information is collected by the 3D scanning software to form a “point cloud”. Using point cloud data, the software creates a topological map of the object. Once the object is created, it can be stored as a file or 3D printed.

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