We offer Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers for metal fabrication


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a form of additive manufacturing under the umbrella of 3D printing technologies. The process involves tiny particles (powders) of metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass being fused together by the heat generated from a high-power laser to form a physical 3D objects.

SLS 3D printing was invented by Dr. Carl Deckard in association with DARPA in the 1980’s. Similar to other units for sale, Selective Laser Sintering machines are used for rapid prototyping and short run production purposes. SLS 3D printers for sale are capable of producing a wide range of parts using SLS materials such as powder materials such as nylon, polystyrene, steel, titanium, alloys, and sand.

How Selective Laser Sintering Works

SLS 3D printers uses a computer controlled laser that emits pulses. The laser traces the cross sectional area of the object onto the powder. The laser heats the powder above its melting point, thereby “sintering” particles together into solid form. As each layer is formed, the SLS printer’s build platform lowers, starting a new layer and repeating he process.

Benefits of SLS

There are several benefits to purchasing an SLS printer. There is little to no tooling required when preparing an object for the selective laser sintering process. Once complete the object does not require post processing or cleaning. SLS printers do not require objects to be printed with supports. This helps reduce the amount of time required in the overall process. There are a wide variety of materials used for 3D printing with SLS making it one of the most versatile 3D printing methods in use today. Finally, SLS 3D printing allows for part flexibility. Various hinges or snaps that are incorporated into parts are flexible and operational. Unlike SLA, SLS 3D printing creates highly functional parts in little time.

SLS 3D Printing Serves Multiple Industries

Although the home market has yet to see a commercially available selective laser sintering 3D printer for sale, small and large businesses utilize SLS printing methods in their design cycles. Aerospace, automotive, defense, prototyping, and a host of other industries use SLS printing techniques as part of their cycle. SLS 3D printers give companies the flexibility to prototype parts early in the design cycle. As a result, various iterations of prototyped parts can be produced with little impact to budget.

We offer selective laser sintering 3D printers for sale from several prominent manufactures including Stratasys and 3D Systems. We’ve established long term relationships with our partners and can acquire the SLS 3D printer based on your business needs. For more information on our rapid prototyping services, please contact us and we’ll consult with you on the best unit for your production needs.