3D printing service in California for rapid prototyping

Our California online 3D printing service provides local and rapid prototyping technology for professional grade fabrication of digital 3D models. We work with individuals and businesses throughout local cities and counties in for 3D printing services in California . We are the largest online 3D printing service on the West coast, fielding an array of technologies, materials, and processes for your design needs.  Our local 3D prototyping services are backed by affordable price, expert customer service, and professional quality control standards throughout California.

Simply upload your 3D model to our site for processing and our platform for  local 3D printing services in California will do the rest. Our California based 3D printing teams will immediately provide you with the best prices for 3D printing your model or prototype.

In minutes, you’ll receive low cost quotes from local area 3D printing specialists in different California counties and cities ready to prototype your object. We serve both companies and individuals, offering online 3D printing services in California using plastics, metals, glass, wood, rubbers, and ceramics. Depending on your needs and location in California, our team will provide a list of online rapid prototyping services with affordable pricing. Consider the following way we can help with your idea:

A Los Angeles California architectural company requires a 3D printed building design made using PLA. Once his model is uploaded to our site, we’ll quote you on the best 3D printer services available locally in both San Diego and LA.

A San Francisco art student urgently needs a local rapid prototyping service for his ceramic sculpture. Our 3D printing service network will instantly refer him to our local SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) representative in the Bay Area, along with affordable pricing options.

Headquartered in Sacramento, a traveling jewelry maker would like to prototype a new wedding ring design for a client in Southern California. Requiring DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) for the project, she’ll instantly receive low priced options from our local representatives in cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles.

California’s Local 3D printing services and online rapid prototyping provider


Having difficulty searching for online rapid prototyping, a Bay Area engineering firm desperately needs 24 hour rush service. We’ll offer him our best options in both Sacramento and San Francisco, with low prices and exceptional quality standards.

Our expert online service network fields a variety of 3D printing technologies throughout the state of California. Cities such as LA, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento are but a few of the geographic locations we cover throughout the West coast. Our local area California teams provide an array of low cost online 3D printing services; including consultation, quotation, and design services.

Local 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Services in California


Choosing the right online 3D printing service in California is important for your design. The table below will give you a general idea of which 3D printing technology is best for your specifications:

Requirements Online 3D Printing Service
Simple, low cost, rapid prototyping FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS, LOM, HSS, SHS, 3DP
Part design, high mechanical strength, metal alloys SLS, EBF3, LPF, SLS, UAM, DMLS, SLM, IFF
Functioning metal prototypes EBM, SLM, SLS, DMLS
Plastics FDM, SHS, 3DP, LOM, SLA, DLP
Ceramics FDM, SLS
Plasters 3DP
Paper, Plastic Film, or Metal Foil LOM
Rubbers, Clays, Silicones, & Porcelains FDM