3D Printer Glossary Index


Affordable 3D Printer: Low-cost 3D printers that are budget friendly for entry level and advanced users alike, offering a cost effective approach to getting started in desktop fabrication.

Automotive 3D Printing: An innovative approach to automobile manufacturing by utilizing 3D printer technology to fabricate car parts, prototypes, and accessories during the production cycle.

3D Bioprinting: A breakthrough in healthcare technology where prosthetics, organs, cells, and devices are developed using a 3D Bioprinter.

Build your own 3D Printer: Otherwise known as DIY kits, this is a 3D printer that is sold in kit form. The user must assemble the unit on their own, adding to the learning experience.

Chocolate 3D Printers: Used in the culinary realm, this unit is designed to 3D print edible food such as candies, chocolates, sugar treats, and sweets.

Cube 3D Printer: Developed by 3D Systems, this product line is widely popular and easy to use for beginners in 3D printing. Units include CubeX and Cube Pro as well as the “My Cubify” network.

Desktop Fabrication Printer: A general term that refers to the revolutionary design and miniaturization of 3D printers for use at home, garage, or small offices.

DIY 3D Printers: Refers to the building and assembling of a 3D printer from kits supplied by manufacturers or completely from scratch, where users acquire their own parts and plans (RepRap).

Home 3D Printer: A desktop 3D fabrication system that is operated and maintained at home.

Large 3D Printer: These units offer larger than standard build volumes, capable of producing objects larger than the size of your hands.

Medical 3D Printer: A revolutionary approach to 3D printing for healthcare by fabricating cells, organs, and prosthetics.

Metal 3D Printer: Instead of 3D printing with plastic, these units use the same approach to fabricate objects in metal.

SLA 3D Printer: Otherwise known as Stereolithography, this unit utilizes a polymer resin bath and UV laser to cure each layer of an object until a complete model is formed.

SLS 3D Printer: Referred to as Selective Laser Sintering, this is a type of 3D printing that uses a high powered laser to fuse (sinter) powdered material together to form a 3D object.

3D Printer kits can either be a unit that you assemble when you receive it or a printer you source from your own specific parts that you are looking for.

Stereolithography: A type of 3D printing that utilizes a high powered UV laser to cure polymer resin layer by layer in order to build a complete model.

Factum 3D Printer: A game changing technology that will exponentially increase the build times for rapid prototyping.

FDM and SLA 3D Printing: Two of the most popular forms of rapid prototyping, both utilize polymer materials to fabricate objects in 3D.

Makeup 3D Printer: An upcoming prototyping technology that enables users to create their own cosmetics using custom colors, shapes, and sizes.

Wholesale 3D Printers: We sell a variety of business and consumer rapid prototyping systems at resale prices.

Educational 3D Printers: This involves the use of rapid prototyping technologies for teaching purposes, academic discounts, and research. We sell 3D printers for schools, universities, and secondary institutions.

Three Dimensional Crime Scene Analysis: The use of rapid prototyping technology for forensic uses, crime scene analysis, pathology, and courtroom exhibits.

3D Printer Plastics: A wide range of thermoplastic, photosensitive, and powdered plastics used in rapid prototyping by consumers and businesses. This includes 3D printing filaments, resins, powders, and pellets in plastic form.

3D Printer Parts: A complete line of OEM and third party parts, assemblies, and components for business and consumer level 3D printers.

3D Printer Prices: With desktop fabrication rapidly improving in technology and simplicity, prices for rapid prototyping devices are steadily dropping and becoming more affordable for everyday users.

Enterprise 3D Printing Sales: Serving domestic and international businesses from California to Mumbai, we offer the latest 3D printing services, solutions, and technologies to our customers.