Online 3D Printing Service Glossary

Online 3D Printing Services: The ability to upload your digital model to an online rapid prototyping service which then produces it into a physical object using various fabrication methods.

3D Food Printing Services: A service that enables companies to 3D print food into custom shapes and designs, recipe combinations, and catering menus.

3DP Services: Otherwise known as Binder Jetting, is a rapid prototyping service that sprays liquid binder onto a powder covered print bed to form a 3D object.

3D Bioprinting Services: A service that will soon become a reality where 3D printers are used to produce organs, cells, and prosthetics for medical patients.

DLP 3D Printing Services: A form of Stereolithography which uses specialized UV light to cure polymer resin in order to rapid prototype 3D objects for customers.

DMLS 3D Printing Services: Uses a fiber optic laser to trace and melt a cross sectional shape of an object into powder particulate layer by layer until a complete 3D object is formed.

EBF3 3D Printing Services: This uses an electron beam to trace the cross section of a model into a molten pool of metallic substrate until a complete 3D object is formed.

EBM 3D Printing Services: Rapid prototypes 3D objects by using an electron beam to melt metal powder layer by layer until a 3D physical model is created.

FDM 3D Printing Services: One of the most popular rapid prototyping services today, extruding melted thermoplastic from a moving nozzle in a numerically controlled path until a 3D object is created.

HSS 3D Printing Services: A rapid prototyping service which combines infrared energy and inkjet technology to improve the overall speed of 3D prints.

IFF 3D Printing Services: This rapid prototyping system utilizes ionized gas welding to trace molten pools of metal onto a build platform with metal wire feedstock or powder.

LOM 3D Printing Services: This process rapid prototypes objects by using paper, plastic, or metal. A blade cuts a cross section of the object and subsequently glues each layer together.

LPF 3D Printing Services: This utilizes a high powered laser to trace and melt metallic powder into a cross sectional pool of molten metal. Powder is injected either by gravity or pressurized inert gas.

Material Jetting 3D Printing Services: This prototyping service uses a moving printhead that extrudes photosensitive polymer resin. Subsequently, a UV lamp passes over and cures the object’s layer.

SHS 3D Printing Services: Uses a thermal print head to heat and sinter layers of thermoplastic powder in order to form the object’s cross-sectional shape.

SLA 3D Printing Services: A rapid prototyping technique using a UV laser to cure photo-sensitive polymer resin into a 3D shape.

SLM 3D Printing Services: Melts atomized powder at high temperatures by using a laser to trace a cross sectional area of the prototyped 3D objects layer by layer.

SLS 3D Printing Services: Utilizes a laser to trace and sinter fine powdered metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic into cross sectional layers, thus rapid prototyping a 3D object.

UAM 3D Printing Services: A rapid prototyping process that uses an ultrasonic print head to weld strips of metal along a build plate with intense pressure to form a 3D object. Once layered together, a CNC mill trims the excess material along the layer.


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